Pakistan And Unemployment - Pak Jobs Update

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Apr 12, 2021

Pakistan And Unemployment


One of the most serious problems Pakistan faces since a long time ago is the persistent unemployment crisis, which sadly remains a threat to us. Even an individual with skills and readiness to work in Pakistan cannot get a proper job chance. More than 3 million people in Pakistan are currently unemployed, and the unemployment rate is above 12:1. One in every ten people in the world have been added to the unemployed population, with the unemployment rate further rising to 6.5%, which shows signs of a crisis-plagued and slower economy.

Unemployment has become one of Pakistan's critical problems since it was established. Unemployment in Pakistan is very high because of the failure of authorities and people to waste the available resources. This has resulted in a significant decline in people's wages and a fall in their living standards. This problem can be called the root cause of many other significant problems we face today. Tens of thousands of graduates, master graduates and engineers, almost all professionals in Pakistan are wasted because of the dysfunctional job system.

Not only trained people, but even the working class, go through a tough process forever. In 1999, approximately 2.4 million able to work workers were unemployed.



In the social and economic development of a nation, population size, growth rates, and their composition play an important role. The higher population growth rate is the biggest cause of unemployment in Pakistan and a tremendous impediment to the objective of economic development. Pakistan has a high population growth rate among those developing countries. It is currently the sixth most popular country in the world with nearly 188 million expected population. Pakistan's population of 363 million is forecast to remain in the same place in 2050 according to the 2013 World Population Data Sheet (i.e. sixth position). Pakistan's population growth rates were 1.95% higher than South Asian countries' average growth rate. This unchecked population growth has robbed millions of Pakistanis of enough opportunity to earn their lives.
The rapidly increasing population, including early marriages, analphabetism, desire for children, lack of understanding, etc, has several causes. As we all know, Pakistan's education system is not up to the mark; hence, growing population means taking more uneducated people to work. This vast number of non-educated citizens cannot be provided by government or any other organisation.

Educational System

Education is a key tool by which a man can lead his future. The educational method, which, in turn, provides the basis for country socioeconomic growth, can create an information society. As such, education's importance has become central to the growth of the knowledge economy as literate and qualified people play a central role in the country's development and prosperity. But, regrettably, Pakistan's education system was very weak. No country has undertaken special measures to improve the education system. Many talented students also leave because of inequality and misery of the system. There are numerous Technical Educational and Professional Training Colleges, but most of them only sell graduates because their education is not of market value to their students.


Instability in Pakistan and the deteriorating situation in law and order have forced the business community either to shut down or transfer its resources to other countries. Because of increasing risks or risk categories, there is no foreign company who would like to invest in a country in which his life is not secure. This is another big reason for increasing unemployment, as it causes the country's work shortages. Karachi, for example, is Pakistan's largest industrial city and trading hub but investors are afraid to spend due to instability and violence. Scam artists and murderers are free of charge. Why would an investor gamble his life and money in certain circumstances? Almost the first step here is to restore law and order in Pakistan if we really want to reduce the rate of unemployed in Pakistan.

Energy Issues

Can you think that a nation with abundant resources and nuclear lacks energy? Pakistan has been afflicted for a long time by the acute energy crisis. Pakistan has numerous sources of energy production, but the country falls down into the dark much of the 24 hour because of a lack of preparation and directed effort. Both residential and industrial areas in Pakistan cannot receive electricity from the government. When there is not enough electricity and gas to power the plants, oil is not enough available to transport, so how do factories create jobs on Earth? Those manufacturers and industries then transfer their businesses to other Asian countries, including Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. As a result, the unemployment monster is being subjected to a large number of workers.

Retirement Age

The retirement age in Pakistan is very high for government employees. Many highly trained and skilled people join the employment market each year, but they have little chance of being on the job. The Government would then reappoint government officials who meet the superannuation age. Hundreds of individuals wander in this direction, but no one is willing to use them. The unemployment crisis in Pakistan is further compounded.


In Pakistan, the first thing to minimise unemployment is to make revolutionary reforms to the education system of Pakistan. Only people who are not highly qualified according to the requirements of the labour market produce the prevalent scheme.

In practical skills and vocational institutions an integrated and well thought-out curriculum should be implemented. In order to produce qualified technological workers for our industries, more and more institutions are required.

The retirement age should be decreased to 55 years overall. Furthermore, it should be removed from the culture of ad hoc nominations and extensions in terms of tenure or contract.

The government's highest priority must be to resolve the energy crisis. It is the only solution if foreign spending and investment is to be attracted. If foreign investors come to Pakistan, our young people will have easy job opportunities.

Peace across the country should be established so that foreigners do not hesitate to invest in Pakistan.

It is essential to grow the agricultural sector.

Jobs should be provided on merit purely.

In order to manage the increasing population, robust policies must be implemented. Family planning facilities in this regard may be an important tool.

In order to revive the manufacturing sector and increase investments and development in Pakistan, the Government must announce the Economic Revival package.

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